Need computer help please!!!

I have two internal hard drives (C and D). I have everything boot up and stuff on my C drive and just use the D drive for pictures, music, etc. Today I turned on my computer and I have no D drive. It's not listed under Disk Management, etc. Can anybody out there help me find where my D drive went and how to get it back? Thanks in advance.

i hate to tell you this, but you probably dont get it back. a disapearing D-drive is symptomatic of end-stage instrumentality. i dont want to sound all alarmist or anything, but this is some real skynet type shit, we need to get you on a secure line to the proper authorities.

for now, just remember this - if anything in your home that doesnt normally talk asks you if you want to play a game, the answer is always NO!

Unless you can trick it into playing tic tac toe

I hear that Cable now has powers that let him telepathically manipulate machines. I suggest you contact him, or possibly his associate Deadpool who he has been seen with on a regular basis. He was last seen on Providence.