Need computer help please!!!

I have two internal hard drives (C and D). I have everything boot up and stuff on my C drive and just use the D drive for pictures, music, etc. Today I turned on my computer and I have no D drive. It's not listed under Disk Management, etc. Can anybody out there help me find where my D drive went and how to get it back? Thanks in advance.

Reseat the cables and make sure it's showing up in the POST screen. If it's not showing up, try it in a different computer. If it still doesn't show up in the second computer, kiss it goodbye and buy another one.

If it does show up in POST, maybe try reinstalling the driver and the motherboard drivers.

Also try a different power plug on the hard drive. I had a cable go bad from the power supply to the drive.

Both Guys are correct.

Unclephilly, I had the same thing happen to me. Pissed me off for an hour or so before I switched it.