Need decent video card.

I have a Nvidia GeforceMX 440se, i think 128 meg. Im looking to buy a new card but dont really want to spend more than around $100. I have had good luck with Nvidia and would probably want to stay, but Im open to other options. What do you think?

u plan on playing games? if so you won't get that great of a card but I'm pretty sure you can get a ti4200 or a ti2/500 for sure.

yes, mostly for gaming. The one i have now works fine for most games I play. Counter-Strike,BF and such. But when I play Everquest...I know, Im a geek.... sometimes it will bog down. So im sure there should be plenty better than mine.

get a ti4200 or a geforce3 minimum. What are your other pc specs?

Get a Radeon 9200 128 for 50$ or Geforce FX 5600 128 for $90.

But if you spend just 50 more bucks, get Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 128, that will no doubt last u a while.

I can play FarCry on medium settings with Radeon 9200 no problem.

what's your processor/ram configuration?

check for prices.

Also, wait a few more week when new high end Radeon X800 cards come out, end of April. Prices on all the other ones should noticably drop, you'll get more for your money.

ok, well I couldnt wait any longer and went shopping. My other comp specs are 1G of Ram on an AMD 2600xp processor. The video card I bought was a GeForce FX 5200 with 256 Ram. The one with 128 ram was $100 and for $30 more I got the one with 256 ram. Now its time to put it to the test on EQ. I will be back in a couple years.... nice knowing you.

You just got OWN3D by nvidia's PR department. I bet because 5200 is a higher number than 4200 you figured it was faster. muhahahah. Dude, if you can exchange it do so. It's quite possibly the worst card out there for gaming.

oh sure, now you tell me... Well, it works alot better than the card I had. I got no lag on EQ, in the busiest zones like i used to. I bought it at Best Buy. Not sure about the return policy though. Oh, well. You win some and you lose some. WHY MEEE!!!!!!!???????????

LOL! 5200 256 for 130$ !! damn, what a way to waste money.

Extra 128 MB on cards even up to ATI 9600 and Nvidia 56000 don't make a better performance.

You shoulda bought Radeon 9600 Pro at least. But then again if this works for you, who's to tell you it wasn't worth it, you just could have gotten a lot more for your money

"Geforce FX 5600 128 for $90."

%$#@)!*& I paid like twice that for one last year (got it with an abs pc, wanted a 9600pro but they were sold out).

Dude, don't be an nvidiot. The current generation of cards are better on ati. Get yourself a 9600pro or IF you have to go nvidia go with a 5700ultra. The card you got is actually the exact same as the one you had except it has dx9 capabilities...well, supports them but they're unplayable.

Tell them it doesn't work with your setup and exchange it.

One major advantage ATI cards seem to have at the moment is 'performance free' Anti Aliasing.

That is, you can switch 2x or 4x AA on in options and your frame rate will be the same (maybe 2-3 FPS less, but not noticable). On nvidia cards, turning on AA seems to have a much bigger impact on performance.

Seeing as AA makes such a MASSIVE difference to image quaility, its hard to imagine me going back to nvidia unless they sort this out.

Correct me if Im wrong but thats my experience with those two brands.

I purchased a GeForce FX 5600 with 256mb of ram for around $150 six months ago and it overclocks quite nicely. Solid performance without breaking the bank.

Um.... could you all quit making me feel like crap now? LOL

I´m probably gonna get me a Nvidia gf5900 card. They sell the Creative one for about $150 over here. The gf5900 ain´t far behind the top of the line cards so getting one for 150 is a great deal IMHO...

Tsuneo is correct about aa in ati cards and not only is the aa faster but it's also much better quality. For example, 2aa on ati looks like 4aa on nvidia.

If I were you I'd get a 5900non ultra or a 9600pro/xt.

damn this thread hurts :(

DOH!! Bad buy!

9600 pro should be sitting in your machine right now


Take that crap back now!

BTW, the next gen of cards are looking good from both sides. The ATI/NVIDIA war should be heating up again which is only good for all of us =D I'm an ATI owner now but will buy whatever is kicking ass at the moment when I upgrade.

damn, lol, I think he got the point.

yeah, is amazing