NEED fight for 135lb fighter..anyone?

bryan goldsby
5'9 135-145

impossible to find someone or better yet, an event, to bring him in to fight..somebody make this happen and offer us something..thanks ug

we will drive if its not to far away.

Check another thread on the first page. They are in need of a 145er. In Louisiana. Phone Post

bryan is a great fighter he has had 2 wars with my training partner Aaron yoda williams. you should contact the Atlas fights and ask them about fighting matt Mccook.


Thanks for the lookin out guys Phone Post

ttt for DAhawk!

Up again, for Goldsby.

Is he still with bellator? Phone Post


ttt..@blazer, yeh we were SUPPOSED to still be with them..we showed up in NJ to fight, buy Anthony Morrison showed up 10lbs over weight for a tourny qualifier fight, so Bjorn himself said he would bring us down to fight june 25 in FL and apologized for the inconvenience ..closer June 25 come around, more distant Bellator got..I finally made contact with them and they said "well change of plans, we filled the tourny"...I was like fuck, thanks for letting us know after we've been in camp for 4 weeks Phone Post

Dude, that sucks! Sorry to hear that. Phone Post


Ttt Phone Post

Find a fight? Phone Post

Nah no fight yet..has wins over Jeff curran, David love..can't snag him a fight for shit..even here in ga.. Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post


Why no Bellator?

Isn't bellator still doing a 135 tourney? What's up? Phone Post