Need fight for Melvin Guillard

Hey guys,

      I need a match for Melvin Guillard in April. Please list some fighters at 155- 160lbs that you would like to see Melvin Guillard compete with!! Or if anybody can step up to the plate for any  dates  please e-mail

     We will also be having our next Battle of New Orleans on Sat., March 19th!All those interested please get in touch asap at 504-888-6451!

What events will this be in??

Have you seen these fight results Joey?? Gardner just got TKO'd!

No offense but this kid at 155 needs some big time rep at a big show, I don't see anybody wanting to fight him to move there way up.

Yes, we are having problems getting him fights lately!
Jeff, I just saw that , interesting!We have been in contact with joe Silva about Melvin, hopefully he will put Melvin in soon!

As far as we know, Melvin is fighting Santino Defranco on November 20th. So that spot is filled.

Keep working, guys. One thing to get there, & another to stay there.

You know the joke about the sheep perv and his son, on the hill, overlooking the valley below & an unsuspecting flock, right?


alex, yes he is on for nov 20th in atlanta correct?

Joe, yeah that is correct! Should be a great fight!

was melvin a collegiate wrestler?

nope, he was a high school wrestling champion (louisiana).

Go Santino, should be a good fight.

he did wrestle in college, only for 1 year ,i forget where though

i think he saw him fight this past saturday in miami, i'll ask him

what about rich crunkilton

Gardner is available!!


not just yet

"Or if anybody can step up to the plate "

"Gardner is available"

I think it would be a great fight. I think Melvin is very exciting to watch and needs to take a fight like this. What is the problem with him fighting Gardner, you think someone in the UFC 155 is going to be any less tough? Maybe, but if he beats a guy like Gardner he'll probably get a call sooner than later.

Hmm. If you are in talks with the UFC for Melvin, why would you not want him to fight someone of Gardner or his caliber? I haven't got to see Melvin fight, but heard he was one hell of a fighter from friends, and on the net. You can't just hand pick his opponents, then say he is ready for the UFC. Doesn't work that way. Not saying that is what you are doing, just what it sounds like. Anyway, goodluck.

we are stepping up his opponents a bit like santino defranco who is a very game opponent for now, gardner is someone we would rather fight in a big event like the ufc