Need fight for Melvin Guillard

i think melvin should fight Neer at 170

for all of you that don't know melvin's physique, he has a rather small frame with a shitload of muscle on it, his hands are small and so is his bone structure,in fact after he broke his hand on Justin Weinmann in Atlanta and we took the x-ray at John Ketaing's office afterwards and I was teasing him about how small his hands were and thin his bones were, he stands 5'9" tall which is even just an average height for the 155lb weight class, I may let Melvin take a fight at 160 to a possibly 165lb opponent,but his days of fighting guys like Laverne Clark at 172 are over, he is clearly a 155lb weight class fighter. He walks around at 163 and usually leaves the gym at 159 and then dries out to 155.

170 class is stacked with a shitton of kick ass opponents... 155 doesnt give the same type of experience I dont think... nothing taken away from the 155ers cause there are def some badasses... but 170 is the best class around hands down.

i disagree about the 170lb division. i think the 155lb division is the most stacked of any out there. 170 does have great talent, but its not as deep as 155. part of the reason is because a lot of the foreign guys (sudo, hansen, gomi) are at 155 and you don't tend to see as many foreigners as the weight increases. just think-penn (for almost all of his career), ludwig, sudo, franca, edwards, thompson, clementi, kotani, hansen, gomi, serra, thomas. thats already more than ten and its just a few off the top of my head. no division is that deep. melvin's natural size is definitely closer to 155 and i think he will thrive there. he was already as strong as most 170lbers, but will really have an advantage in the 155 division.

170 (Not in any order) -- Sherk, Fickett, Neer, Gardner (Now), Strasser, Prater, Hallman, Wisniewski, Penn, Hughes, GSP, Black, Spratt, Fisher, Fryklund (Maybe), Lytle, Berger, Strawn, Chambers, Sakurai, Diaz, Pat Militich was a 170er =P, I think Erin Toughill fights at 170... Charuto

Tell me 170 isnt the class to be in

But this thread is about Melvin and he is fighting at 155lbs, that is it!!!!!!!!

lol I jacked the thread !!!!!

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Melvin wrestled at Colby for a year Joey.

thanks jeff, now i do remember

need a match

he's starting to step up now you'll see


What happened to Tom Kirk?

ill fight melvin for $500/$500 joe!

who are you name, stats, e-mail address

man, this is chris rockwell

oh i thought you were misfitfiend jkd

i was, but when i went pro i changed my sn, my email is still the same