Need fight tape(help)

I am really hoping someone has it on here but I would like to get a copy of my fight with Nick Diaz. We fought in the ico in stockton on may 12, 2006 (sherdog has it may 13) if anyone has a copy please hook me up. thanks

Ray Steinbeiss

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LOL the whole fight not the Diaz edited version. Ray took it to Nick in his home town and the only footage that surfaces is this edited version.. Sounds like someone doesn't want the world to to see Ray expose Diaz.

LGSM is right, I just scanned through 20 different archives and I just keep finding this highlight. No sign of the full fight. huh.


Ray Steinbeiss had Nick out on his feet at least 2 times in that fight.

The promoter told us that Ray broke Nick's Ribs, and gave him 20 stitches.

If the first round would have gone the full 5 min Ray would have KO'd Nick. Nick was out on his feet, then the California Commision ended the first round in 3min instead of 5min.
(the other fights were 3-3's but main event fights were 3-5's, that really hurt Ray because Nick was all but out in the first round)

Nicks crew got a video, but we never did. We haved offered $1000.00 for the whole tape. (Nick has his fight contract, but elite XC wants to see this fight of Ray vs Nick or they will not use him.????)

So come on the kid needs to fight, help him out.. There was 10,000 fans at that fight, someone has the tape.

Hey Diaz guys, we will pay for it and only give it to promoters if you want. (Nick won the fight who cares if Ray was looking great, it only makes Nick look better for winning)

Help a fellow fighter out, he needs the tape to work!!!!

TTT for Ray Steinbeiss!

TTT Ray needs to be fighting in the big show !!!!! 

I am just trying to get fights guys. Nick is the man and I have not got to see the whole fight just the 3 minute highlight and an 8 minute highlight, please help me out here