Need for repentance

What's up everyone. I've had a problem that's been going on for over ten years now, I'm addicted to pornography. I know that it is destructive for my spiritual well being, plus it's consuming more and more of my time. Has anyone else on here ever had this problem? I know I need to repent of this sin, what's the best way to go about it?

 ask for forgivness and help with breaking this addiction



Props to you.  Repentance is the first step and it's an ongoing process.  You can do it with God's help and the help of others.

Here's a story for you. It highlights the need to understand your ritual/pattern and do actually join with God in doing something about change.

From Randy Alcorn

Parable of the Doughnuts

Imagine someone whose weakness is eating doughnuts. His doctor says, "No more doughnuts." He vows to God, "No more doughnuts." He promises his family, "No more doughnuts." He calls the church and gets on the prayer chain. He even goes to a doughnut deliverance ministry to have the demon of doughnut desire cast out of him.

Here's a guy who means business, right?

But then what does he do? Well, if he's like a lot of us, he goes right on reading about doughnuts, listening to doughnut music, and watching television programs about making doughnuts. He spends his time with other doughnut lovers talking about doughnuts, joking about doughnuts at the office, where he often glances at the doughnut calendars on the wall. He looks through the newspaper for doughnut coupons and subscribes to Doughnut Desires, with its glossy, color photos.

It's not long before he's driving to work the long way that "just happens" to go by a doughnut shop. He rolls down the window and inhales. Pretty soon he's buying the morning paper from the rack right outside the doughnut shop. He's lingering just long enough to check out doughnuts through the window.

Then he remembers he has to make a phone call, and hey, what do you know, the doughnut shop has a pay phone. And since he's there anyway, why not have a cup of coffee?

Now, remember, this man has no intention of breaking his vow and eating doughnuts. But the totally predictable and inevitable result is-what? That he will give in and eat doughnuts!

And can't you just hear his sad lament? "What went wrong? I prayed! I asked others to pray. I asked God for deliverance. Why try? I give up. You do your best and look what happens!"


 Here's some websites I've found helpful halfway down the page