Need For Speed / Underground

I'm trying to pick a game for x-mas from my g/f... Some type of driving game, I like Midnight Club racing 2 but I rented it for 2 days and completed 50% already. So I rented NFS Underground to see if I'd like it.. was cool at first but it seems like the whole "winning money" is pointless. I've got a pile of cash, but can't do shit with it until they unlock something for me (why give me the money, just give me the fuckin upgrade and save me the time)

Should be like GT where if you've got the money, you can buy the product. But what I'm getting at is.. does this game get any better? I'm also hooking up online, is it that good online? cause I'm not too impressed with the regular game but need to make a choice.

Right now I've got Midnight club racing 2, NFS underground and ATV offroad fury 2 rented... have to make a decision. but don't know how fun they are online. don't want to get bored of them in a week or so.

She said she'd buy 2 for me... if anybody could reccommend any others.. please do. but I'm not into RPG and the only sport I like is hockey, and I'm getting 2004 from somebody else (lol, all i'm getting for x-mas ins PS2, games ect)

I heard it is great if you like cusomization and that whole scene... you?

yeah.. I'm into the custom shit... just that I don't like the way they go about it.

You get what they give you one thing at a time... I hope it opens up more as I get into the game..

I like how you can't totally pimp out your car right away, you have to work your way into it.

nfsU is a great game.

I dont get it, first you complain that you were 50% done with MC II in the first couple days, and then you complain because in NFS UG they make you work a little harder to get through the game. Thats the thrill of this game,finally getting the Level 3 NOS and completely smoking your friends when they ask to play.

It's on eof the best racing games ever. I wish they wou have added damage on the car and having to spend $$ to fix it when you run into a wall or total your car during a drag race.

I don't like racing games, but one of my roommates played it and said it was awesome.