Need funding/producer for MT/MMA docu in Thailand

Once again, I have come to the great UG for help. I have been wanting to film a motion picture documentary for some time now that takes place all throughout Thailand, visiting gyms like Tiger MT, Phuket Top Team and Legacy Gym among others. The film itself is about the deep history of Muay Thai and its huge influence on modern MMA.

Traveling with us to these different gyms will be select high-level mixed martial artists, some of which have never been to Thailand to train. (I'm not going to name drop at this time, until some solid funding comes along, but I have spoken to many big fighters that are excited at the prospect of being involved)

Any person or company interested in producing a project such as this or has questions and would like more details, can email me at

Can't help minus the bump. Good luck.

Halifax - Can't help minus the bump. Good luck.