Need good passive pickups

what are some good ones- for neck and bridge- humbuckers-

I want a nice, warm but bright and clean jazzy tone for the neck and a heavy but bright buzzsaw distortion for the bridge-

I like EMG's but they only make active now I think-

any suggestions?

Gibson 57's are nice. Also check out Seymore Duncan Dual coils.

thsnks Jason-

also...high output-

Go to Semour Duncans website and compare some of their pickups. They have clean and dirty sound bites.

Personally, for what you described, I like the Duncan '59 neck model,and JB model in the bridge position. Put a coil tap on the JB for some brighter tones, lots of cool sounds!

PS EMG does make passive pickups in a few flavors.

Some women are turned off by agressive pickup lines, so just try saying, "The weather sure is nice today" and then walking off a few feet. Pretend like you've forgotten about her, like looking at something very interesting on the wall.

This is a passive pickup because you get her attention but then let her make the next move.

Glad I could help, good luck!

FAB- nice and smoovy!

Racer, I went to EMG's site and found only active, where are there passive ones?

Jason- the Gib 57's...just 57's or 57 plus or 57 reissue?

Actually I just went to their site and the first thing that popped up was passive pickups! Look around, you'll find them.

I like the EMG passive stuf OK. The few I've heard sounded pretty good.

The SG I just got rid of had 57 Reissues. Nice pickups, but i wanted a thicker tone. The Jackson Rhoads I just got has the Duncans and sounds alot better in my opinion.

Jason, I just bought an SG!
how'd you get rid of yours?

Bill Lawerance 500xl in your bridge would kick ass!

wolfdeth is correct.

A Bill Lawrence 500XL is as good as dual coil pickups get. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. Powerful,clear,bright but not harsh. Go to Bill's website and buy direct from him,DO NOT buy any Lawrence pickup that does not come directly from Bill as there are crappy copies out there.

Go to $56.00 for the 500XL. Comes in a few flavors and colors.

Yeaaaa..wolfdeth for Mod!!

I've been tempted for so long to get one of those Lawrence 500XL's.

I've torn the internet apart looking for a bad review of it and haven't found a single one.

I have a Dimarzio Evolution in the bridge of my Ibanez RG1550, and I can't stand it.

It's incredibly harsh sounding. A little too much in the mids department, too. And for some odd reason, it made my guitar sound like a jangly, twangy telecaster on steroids.

And Racer X is right.....don't order from any place that claims to have Lawrence pickups except for Bill's site directly. You won't be getting the real deal.

sold!- the reviews are awesome- thanks for everyone's input...but up for more-

Racer, would those Bill Lawrence rails work well with a pickup cover? I dig the all black look-

also- what would be a good match for the 500XL for the neck spot? any of the above?

"Hey Baby... check ME out!"

Oh, you meant guitars. Nevermind.

I'd say ask the folks at Lawrence what would be a good match for the XL. I think you can get them in black with a black surround (as pictured above). It's very clean looking. I'v used Lawrence pickups for years, More in the Eighties than recently, but I think I'm going to try them on a few guitars. I put one I had on hand in a friends guitar, called Lawrence, and found out I'm about 20-something years too late! It's an L220, a Strat sized pickup with stacked coils(for hum cancellation) that looked like one half of the above pictured humbucker. They won't make me one either, so I'm hanging on to the last one I have,cool pickup.

Shootozen, I realized I didn't answer your question.

No, pickup covers wont fit over the 500 series pickups.

The coils are set into a sort of "upside down" cover. If you look at the picture, you can see a rim around both coils. The pickup is set down into this grounded cover with the tops of the coils exposed for sensitivity or cosmetic reasons, I don't know.

Personally, I like the black coils with chrome trim look. If you have black or gold hardware, get the all black version. They also do the one black/one creme coil look which looks cool on a guitar with creme colored binding or plastic parts, like a Les Paul Standard.

Whatever look you go for, I do recommend trying Lawrence pickups in your search for "that sound".