Need Grapplers for $$$

Guys there is still some spots open for our absolute purple belt and above tournament on May 6 in Parkersburg, WV.

Winner gets a belt and 275$

2nd 75$

3rd 50$

(only 25$ to enter)


Advanced BKJ,


How is in so far.....:-) Maybe you should tell people so they can see the caliber of the guys....


I know I can speak for the following:


Dustin Ware (ME)/ Purple Belt/ Jorge Gurgel

* won a few, lost a few...


Dustin Hazelett / Purple Belt / Jorge Gurgel

* Winner of multiple BJJ & Submission Grappling titles, Professional MMA fighter with wins over Rhalan Gracie (son of Relson Gracie), & Jay Ireland.


Bryan Atterson / Brown Belt / Jorge Gurgel

* Winner of multiple BJJ & Submission Grappling titles & 2006 Pan-Am Competitor.


I am looking forward to this event! It should be a decent size, with none of the politics of some of the Larger BJJ events!  A Great "tune-up" for the July NAGA taking place right here in Columbus, OH!


- Dustin Ware


more hotel info:

The reservations are listed under YWCA Jui-jitsu Tournament.

Hampton Inn
Mineral Wells
$75.00 per night

Holiday Inn
Rt 50
$89.00 per night

Red Roof Inn
Rt 50
$62.00 per night

Mineral Wells
Special Rate $49.99 per night

Econo Lodge
7th Street
Special Rate $49.99 per night.

  1. Bryan Atterson / Brown Belt / 178lbs

  2. Dave Vannest

  3. Caleb Queern

  4. Don Cunanan (poss)

  5. Dustin Ware / Purple Belt / 300lbs

  6. Dan Wallen

  7. Dustin Hazelett / Purple Belt/ 175lbs

  8. Mike (capital JJ)

  9. TBA (Capital)

  10. Jeremy Walters

  11. Eric M

  12. Jason Keaton

After I get a look at my email I am sure I will be able update again soon

Where does Eric M train? 


Ravenswood, WV

BB in judo and brown in JJJ.

I have seen him roll and he's pretty decent

last week special... all youth competitors will get in for only 15$