Need Grapplers this weekend!!!!!!!

Hello everyone i need a lightweight and a middleweight, for the Grapplemania Pro Divisons in Wake Forest, NC this weekend May 1st , the prize money for each of these divisions is 1000.00.
The lightweight is 160 and Under and the Middleweight is 175-195. Anyone interested please email me at

Thanks Brad



would you pay travel expenses? joe lauzon is on a tear at 155, recently winning an 8-man absolute in mass, including beating 195 pound serra purple belt Dan Simmler in the finals...

possibility, e-mail me with details and I'll talk to Joe if he doesn't see this:

Email sent




I may have a couple of guys for you. Drop me an email. I leave on
Thursday for Lowell for the Eruption fights. If you hit me up tomorrow,
I may be able to pull some together for you.



Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF



ttt for an NC event


You should tell your brother about this shit - his BJJ and 'tard strength might win him a few matches. Plus, he's in NC


ttt. This should be a great event.

Here are the current Superfight Division competitors:

$1,000 Lightweight (160 lbs. and under) Invitational:

(1) Mike Fowler, Team Lloyd Irvin (Maryland)

(2) Danny Ives, Team Bolao (Pennsylvania)

(3) Ryan Ciotoli, Ithaca Wrestling (New York) "Pending"

(4) Dennis Hayes, Pedro Sauer Purple Belt (Virginia)

(5) Diego Saraiva, LA Boxing Black Belt (Georgia)

(6) Nestor Bayot, Linxx Academy Brown Belt (Virginia)

(7) Sean Wilson, Gracie Barra Brown Belt (Virginia)

(8) Chirs Champagne, Team Zero Mercy (South Carolina)

$1,000 Middleweight (175-195 lbs.) Invitational:

(1) Billy Dowey, Royce Gracie/Team Roc (North Carolina)

(2) Todd Margolis, Team Lloyd Irvin/6-Time Grapplers Quest Champion (Maryland)

(3) Leo Dalla, Team Lloyd Irvin/BJJ Black Belt (Maryland)

(4) Tim Mannon, Renzo Gracie Brown Belt (Virginia)

(5) Steve Headen, LA Boxing Brown Belt (Georgia, Atlanta) 

(6) Andrew Smith Richmond BJJ (Virginia) "Pending"

(7) Mike Nelson ,Team Zero Mercy (South Carolina)

(8) Please send Grappling Resumes to Brad Pearce at:

TTT for Diego Saraiva and Steve Headen representing LA Boxing and the ATL.