Need GYM info for Hollywood, CA!!

I need help with some gym numbers and some suggestions for good gyms in the Hollywood, California area. This is for a fighter that I manage that will be in the area for a year or so doing some filming.

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Chas Bowling/Gary Myers Team Wolfpack


Aren't JJ Machado and Eddie Bravo right there? I'm not sure, just seem to remember it being so...

Gokor/LeBell Harut and Karo train in Downtown Hollywood

Eddie teaches out of the Bomb Squad Gym in West Hollywood.

Gokor/Gene Lebell's is great. Benny Urquidez' is just a short drive. They both have movie stunt schools and have been in dozens of flicks. Gokor's for grappling and Benny has a couple of great striking instructors, boxing and muay thai. Gokor's is called Hayastan. You would be surprised who you run into at these dojos.

Hayastan Dojo on Sunset Blvd. and Normandie Avenue!

Rickson is in West LA. I know he teaches the Tuesday and Thursday gi and no gi classes.

I'll echo Ring Girl and oldblueeyes' recommendation. Can't go wrong with Eddie's 10th Planet in West Hollywood.

thanks guys

sports connection in west hollywood.  its got a lot of great oil wrestling there.

Rey Diogo in Venice Blvd

luv constrictor is correct