Does anybody have a link to a Jeremy Horn highlight clip that was made by "fryeguy" about a year ago ?? It was around 59 megs long and I need to find a download link within the next 10 minutes or so..

If anybody could help I would GREATLY appreciate it :)

Thanks !


no but ttt

may be to late already but TTT

goku you are a GOD..Thank you !!!

A Victor Torn, THANK YOU TOO !!

I got it ;)

Goku is awesome

Thanks for keeping this TTT'ed guys , it can die now...

I owe you some beer (and whiskey for Kellett) ;)


I had it but everytime I watched it put me to sleep so I had to delete it. Sorry JHR :-(

Warns Nathan, the poor man's newfie



Well can we see it?

It's at www.subfighter.com under "fighter highlights" then page 11

The one done by Fryeguy, he did a great job.

I can't link the file here, you need to be a member (It's free)

Thanks :-)

you need more than HELP JHR .


Randy, don't make me post that pic of you in the Elvis costume again... ;)

ok.... deal!