Need help ASAP

2 weeks gone and still cant put weight on my leg. Still use chrutches and a knee brace.. and i have high pain tolerance..

My leg turned inwards when sparring with 260 lbs guy,i heard my knee pop loud 2 times..

I visited a orthopeadic 2 weeks agoo and he told me i have partial MCL tear...he also checked if i tore my ACL and said my ACL is fine but sometimes the tests are negative because the injury is fresh so he can tell what exactly is injured after like 2 weeks..

When i try to put the weight on my leg i get pain under the patella and my patella goes like down ,its painful,cant put alot weight on the leg.. I started having pain under the patella like 9 days after the injury happened..

Shit i just hope its not ACL ??? (im fuc**d for at least 6-8 months if i do surgery fast.)

Anyone knows what it can be before i visit my orthopeadic surgeon on monday.?

Could it possably be Meniscus tear?



I'd say do what the doc says and see him again in two weeks. The swelling can definitly obscure the symptoms of injuries.

Ben R.

It's your confibulator. Send me a love offering of $100 US and I'll send you a blessed prayer cloth that will begin the healing process.

Yea i will se him on monday ,in 3 days..then i will know..

But just wanted to see if anyone had similar symptoms..

it is very hard to diagnose right off the bat. you could have torn the ACL or the patella tendon. regardless of what the tear is, the length of surgery recovery is the same-- 6 months, maybe more. as soon as they start putting screws into you then it makes no difference. if you did the MCL and the ACL well, they fix em both.

knee injuries suck, but there is almost nothing you can do besides wait and see what the doc says when you go back. just keep your chin up.

does it necessarily swell if it is torn or partially torn? and stable?

Oh yeah i forgot to say
I removed the knee brace 3 days agoo (14 days after the injury)just to see how much i can bend my knee,and in the first 7 days of the injury when trying to bend my knee below 35 degrees ,got a lot of pain in my MCL and couldnt bend it more..

And now after 14 days i removed the knee brace and started bending my knee slowly and i had no pain in my MCL after 35 degrees ,i was like oh great i will be back in a month or two and then i proceed to bend my knee slowly further and get pain below patella and cant bend it no more then like 40 degrees ..

Its like someone put the concrete in my knee and it will brake if i move it more..


I checked my range of motion now again ..

I can bend my knee 85 degress and then it stops ,i get pain under the patella-knee cap ,no pain in MCL when bending and when touching the MCL (i had that first 7 days)

it could just be stiffness if you just took it out of the brace after 14 days. dont rush to judgement, let the doc diagnose it.

Joshua,maybe but i doubt it because i cant put a lot weight on my leg without getting pain below the patella

If its not ACL i buy everyone a coca cola on the forum,hahah

Thanks for the inputs

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Whats Up

Here is the update,went to the orthopeadic surgeon today and he said its probably meniscus tear and MCL.

He said they will do surgery on my knee hopefully in 2 weeks..

I asked him if my ACL is ok and he said its probably Ok but its hard to say until they cut my knee??

This is good news if ACL is Ok..


I thought they would do an MRI scan to see if there is any damage to the ACL. Anyway i am sure your orthopedic surgeon knows what they are doing.

I know how you feel i am on the casualty list too at the moment with a torn PCL (strongest ligament in the knee) and LCL all thanks to judo. Luckily i don't need surgery because apparently you can function without a PCL, with your quad muscles being able to compensate. It should take a couple of months to recover still though.

Normal - i hope your knee gets normal,haha

My first words hopefully after surgery will be is my ACL ok...

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Go see a Dr. immediately

Remember to stay on the balls of your feet, guys, it really helps to avoid the torn ACL/PCL thing. Sticky mats are also a big problem.

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