Need help choosing classes.

I just changed my major to management information systems. I am planning out the classes I need and was wondering what some of your opinions are on whether I should focus on COBOL, Java, or Visual Basic. I have to spend 10 hours in one of these.

Thanks in advance


I am about to graduate with a BS in Managment of Info Systems.

I didn't have as much freedom to choose as you did. I took a lot of Java, COBOL, CICS, and software development concepts.

If I were you I'd take a lot of software development/engineering classes. This way you can learn how software is built in any langauge. Its important to know the different methodologies of designing software, all the phases of the software life cycle, how to properly test, how to properly document etc. . .

Once you know all that, you can apply it to any programming language.

Also be sure and take a database class. I took a databse class where we worked with Access and SQL on Oracle. I then took a distributed systems class where we worked with PHP and MySQL on the Oracle database.

I think knowledge of database concepts, SQL, Oracle and Unix are important to someone in the IS field.

Things like VB can be learend easily on your own, I think.