Need help finding song.

I hear this song every once in a while but never take note of its name. Its sort of like  a Jermaine Stewart, Lionel richie type and, i'm pretty sure its around that time.

All guesses welcome.

. Most of you will probably think its utter shite but i do like me some 80s cheese.

Need more info sir.  Genre? Tempo? any lyrics? or chorus?

The Rain - Orange Juice Jones

Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell
Spring Love - Stevie B

VU'd forrestfan - you beat me to it!

The Time - The Jungle

Jermaine Stewart himself - We Don't Need to Take Our Clothes Off

Lionel Richie himself - All Night Long

Billy Ocean - Carribean Queen

any part of the lyrics? don't you have Shazam app?

its not bruno mars, its much older.


Its not rockwell either. sorry for lack of info on genre its like i mentioned and sort of like stevie wonder-ish.

last time i heard it was 2 weeks ago and i didn't have my phone.


you're on the right track with those tracks, i have them and its along those lines.

I found it.


Culture club - "Do you really want to hurt me"

Just a guess based on what little I know of you. Phone Post 3.0

Stevie Wonder - I Just Called to Say I Love You

Prince - Delirious; Purple Rain; 1999; Little Red Corvette; Raspberry Beret

carribean queen is probably the closet to it.

I appreciate the input lads.

Stay With Me Tonight - Jeffrey Osborne

"carribean queen is probably the closet to it."

in terms of voice or beat?

Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant

Terence Trent Darby?

beat, but sort of like jermaine stewart voice.

beat, but sort of like jermaine stewart voice.

We should TOTALLY make a musical scavanger hunt thread!