Need help from a super brain

Even looking at a calendar I keep messing this up. Can anyone help?

I’m going to have my boy 50% of the time this summer.

On the weeks I have him, I’m only working 3 day weeks.

On weeks I dont have him, I’ll be working straight through the weekend to make up for lost work days.

How many days vs off days will I have?

You work 3 days one week then 7 the next. So that’s 5 days a week on average.

Enjoy those 3 day weeks with your son :slight_smile:


Well I’ll be damned. I had my calendar out circling days and all this BS. I overcomplicated it.

So basically I’ll just be switching days around to make it so all my off days are with my son.

Thanks J!

Lol why am I not surprised addition and subtraction is something you struggle with.

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Lmao @MojoSoDope . Shut up :joy:

I never claimed to be smart!