Need Help From Japan UG'ers

My buddy has gone to Japan for a month and begged me to look after his shitty cat.  I told him he has to get me a pair of Sakuraba fight-shorts or I would kill his cat.  Now he is very worried because is is fairly stupid, unresourceful, and can't speak Japanese.  I won't kill his cat, but could anyone in Japan (Tokyo specifically) tell me how and where to buy Sak gear?  I can pass the message along and put his heart at ease.

Thanks in advance!

lol...ttt for the cat

seriously....kill the cat either way.

I wouldn't mind, the cat is a real f**king bastard, but I'd really rather have the shorts...

I don't necessarily want to volunteer the man, but Hody lives in Japan. He seems to be a man that knows his MMA there and would have some tips for you.

kill cat. post pics. then answers.

Just cut off pieces of the cat and send them to him one by one. He'll figure it out real quick.

LMAO!!!! ttt

Tokyu Hands used to carry Saku gear

Thanks for the suggestions so far friends!  I am ceaselessly amazed at the helpful and compassionate nature of this warm environment.  I might just kill the cat for you guys...



World Sports Plaza, in almost every metropolis should have some. Keep this thread TTT, it's still nighttime in Japan, so guys who are there won't see it until morning most likely.

wake up Nippon, I'm sleepy...

My wifes cat has diabetes and we have to give it a friggin shot every night. Please come to my house and kill my cat.

I am not kidding.

last chance Japan?  Thanks everyone else!  Sorry fightjunky, my days of pet assassination are was a wild ride!

edit: Kana is not translating. Had an address for you.

Right next to Tokyo Dome.

Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
Misaki-cho 2-9-9 Nagayabil 5F
11:00AM - 9:00PM

the cat is already dead

Sakuraba fight shorts ? Thre are no such thing on the market.

His shirts andother stuff can be picked up next to korakuen hall, and also at the world sports plaza as mentioned by another poster.

There are a LOT of fight stores in 5 minutes of Tokyo dome which also have Saku stuff.