Need help identifying 90's board game

I was reminded today of a game we had as kids. Pretty sure it was early to mid 90's. You took turns building a cage out of plastic "sticks" then turned on some sort of monster or animal that moved around trying to escape. Then you removed the sticks one at a time and whoever's side it escaped out of lost... Anyone have any idea what I'm thinking of!? Thanks bros Phone Post 3.0

No idea, have you searched boardgamegeek?

Mouse Trap.

You're welcome. Phone Post 3.0

It is not mouse trap, nor is that even close to what mouse trap is. I'll look into in invalid. Phone Post 3.0

Crossfire Crossfire

CROSSFIIIRE!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Pretty sure it's Monopoly

You're welcome Phone Post 3.0

Fools. This is obviously Jenga.

Connect Four? Phone Post 3.0

That's definitely Operation. Phone Post 3.0

Kerplunk Phone Post 3.0

Hunger hungry hippo ! Phone Post 3.0