Need help in new job search

Soooo been in insurance sales for more than a decade. Independent contractor, COVID destroyed me. Got 3 opportunities in front of me.
-big furniture store

+commission is good. Seems easy.
-no free weekends. Seems to be a glass ceiling.

-service advisor at a car dealership
+good commission and hourly. Possible asst. management position. Free Sundays
-chaotic environment, stress, I know Jack shit about cars.

Massive car dealership, start as service to sales

+fun atmosphere, stock options, room for growth good commission
-again. I know fuck all about cars, don’t even know what the fuck service to sales is. I pester people getting an oil change I assume?

Mainly. I built a buisness on my own from the ground up and watched it fall. So I’m just disgusted if I pick one and hate it. I burned 2 bridges. Starting over at 37. Just. Idk. Demoralized a tad. Anyone been in these fields with advice?

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What kind of insurance sales did you do?

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Service adviser out of the 3.

I wouldn’t go into sales in this economy and with shortages on virtually anything. People still need their cars worked on though at least. You can learn that easily.


You’ve got a 10yr background in insurance sales…

Take a job to get you through and keep looking for another high paying sales gig.

You can obviously sell, so sell.

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If you have the time for a 2nd job a few hours a week learn a trade. I would suggest machining.

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Have you looked into professional fighting? They make a lot of money

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Supplemental, life, fire.
Think of the Duck

For what it’s worth, there’s a lot of sales and relationship based jobs in the finance/banking world you’d be really good at that pay well. Insurance is not that much different than financial products in a lot of ways and if you can sell then you’re already ahead of most.


Individual policies or business packages?


How the hell did you get offered a service advisor position when you know nothing about cars???

Ever consider doing commercial line insurance? Worker’s comp, risk, e&o, d&o? Good pay in some instances.

They’re dime a dozen at most spots…. And hell if OP is a personable good salesperson I don’t see why he couldn’t just walk in and do the job knowing a nothing. A technician can easily give him an idea of what’s on the RO and why they need it.

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I was a service advisor before starting my own gig. Was good money and easy. You don’t need to know much about vehicles, the mechanics will tell you what you need to relay to the customer. The dealer I was at was a Ford, my salary was 70k + bonuses. This was about 12 yrs ago.

This. I learn easy and I can sell ice in winter.

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You can learn on the fly. I am sure there are others here that do that for a living that could offer advice should you go that route and make a specific thread on service advisers.

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Have you considered going into insurance adjusting?