Need help! Kicking pad - Urgent

Hi Everybody!

I was asked to find a kicking pad that you can attach to the legs, instead of holding with your hands, so you can work punch and kick combos better.

We are going to the US soon, so I'm trying to find a website or a place to buy them, but honestly I never saw it and I'm struggling to find it. Do you guys know what's that about?

and where I can find it? Any tips are appreciated!


Eduardo Alonso.

think this is what you mean...

Check out Combat Sports International. They have a belly pad/thigh pad combo. Fairtex has a thigh leg kick pad also.

Which fighter is this for?

Guess? =)

although all fighters from the camp will use it.

 Why isn't the trainer just checking the kicks with his own shinguards?

Bull_in_chinashop -  Why isn't the trainer just checking the kicks with his own shinguards?


Saw one in the Wanderlei training vids worn by Rafael. But it may have been a custom one. I don't know

I've heard of people tying a thai pad to their thighs for leg kicks, but why not just block with shin guards on?

Isn't the thai pad strapped to the thigh to practice explosive punch-leg kick combos? You don't want to be constantly shin checking even with shin pads to practice these type of combos?

 then use thai pads..  or use a thai pad in your rear hand and a thai suitcase in your lead hand .


I've noticed a lot of people use poor technique when doing drills where they know their partner is going to check the kick. They don't put their hips into or use nearly as much force as they would if a pad was there.

 ok, so if your goal is to put in low kicks with power, use the suitcase.

This got me to thinking about some combo's we did in TKD back in the day. We didn't have any type of pads that would work for leg kicks and any hand techs, so we'd take down our heavy bags (70lb boxing ones), turn them upside down so the chain was on the floor adn out of the way, lean it against the guy with focus mitts. You could dig into the kicks as hard as possible and still work your hands with contact. Even throw in some defense. Movement was difficult though.

I spoke with him and he told me he wants exactly what he saw in the Countdown show with rafael and Wanderlei.

He kicks very hard, so it's not the same to have the kicks checked, plus, if he wants it, I need to help him!

I'll talk to Wanderlei's people. Thanks guys!

Geez, if he says Shogun wants a kicking pad, help him him find a kicking pad.

well i tried...

 I like the suit case but it's still hard to string punch combos with low power kicks with it. Here's what I found it which might interest you.

Local supplier here in Australia have an experimental model where it's like plate armour covering your thigh and have additional support attached to a belt to be secure. My coach used it and it's great. You can switch up inside and outside low kicks with power with no worries.

I just found those Twins Belly pad with thigh pads attached on Ebay for $124.50

Send him to a training camp in Thailand. He can buy loads of cheap gear to bring home too