Need help re: club safety rules

Hi, I posted this in the BJJ forum as well, hoping for some
feedback from both Judo and BJJ people:

Hi all,

I'm pretty tired at the moment, been working for the past 8 hours
on a 10-page proposal for my university sports department to
allow a new Judo & BJJ club to form and function on campus
grounds. It's a proposal that includes details like club
constitution, structure, finance proposal, governing body
affiliation & sponsorship, competition team etc etc.

One of the final things (and probably the most important of all) is

the part about allowing the new club to fall under the university's
sports insurance cover before classes can begin. I need to write
up a safety regulation list.

How much should I put into the safety regulation? I don't want to
put too much in there to scare them off (eg. in the event of an
unconscious participant resulting from a choke... ).

What are some things I should mention then? How to deal with
blood spills? Coaches trained in first aid?

Does anyone here have something similar written up for your own

Thanks in advance for your input.


Check out your local red cross. They have sports first aid programs and certs.

first off, if you are doing anything with judo at all you need to belong to either the JA, JF or JI... personally, the JI is much easier to belong to becuase then your students will be able to compete in whatever they wish regardless of level.

you must also be a certified coach to teach judo and then the club itself must have at least 5 members that are members of the USJI and you must register the club as well... this will cover any issues that may arise with insurance and what not.. it will meet the USOC's policies insofaras what their criteria is-- and will make the university very happy along the way.

Hi Joshua, I was hoping you or Ben could give me some advice.

Right now I have the unofficial support from Judo Victoria, which is a
part of the Judo Federation of Australia (JFA). They were the ones who
recommended I contact this Judo coach, he coaches for their dojo on a
regular basis. I think the JFA is part of the IJF (by virtue of the link on
their website www . judoaustralia . com . au . At a later date when the
club is ready, we will officially affiliate ourselves with JudoVic, which
would then affiliate us with the parent organisation by default.

For the moment though, the Judo coach I have lined up is a 3rd dan
NCAS Level 1 certified coach through JudoVic.

In terms of safety regulations, the sports assocation basically wants to
see basic rules posted on the wall during the class, things like blood
spills etc. I don't know how much detail to include though. Do you have
any of these safety procedures posted on the wall where you train?