Need Help: Relaxation & Breathing

Hello all. I have a problem when I train jiu-jitsu and especially when I compete. I have a tendency to tense up and hold my breath. This makes me gas really quickly and seriously affects my performance. I don't think my cardio is that bad but I do have EIA Asthma that probably does affect it also.

Is there anything that Scott has that could be beneficial to me? I've been to this forum a couple of times and heard some things from some people (both good and bad). To be truthful, I've for the most part just didn't pay attention mostly because I don't understand half the lingo that he or this forum talks about. I've heard a little bit about the Grappler's Toolbox and maybe that can help me. Also the Zdorovye Movement, Posture and Breathing Training looks interesting. I am just at a point of frustration with my performance that I need something to help me whether it be breathing exercises or relaxation techniques.

I'm going to try something (I promise) and I'll let the forum know what I honestly think about it. I figure it's worth a shot.

Surfer Joe

Also, does anybody have a quick summary of the videos that Scott sells (what it's about and what it works on etc...)? I went to the website but need somebody to explain it in dumbman terms to me :)

Clubbell Training for Circular Strength
Grapplers Toolbox
Be Breathed
Warrior Wellness
Zdorovye Movement, Posture and Breathing Training
Movement Health
Effortless Running