need help with cali legal ak-47

kinda duplicate thread, except I left out that I need ATF regulations and such please.
ok guys im lookin for a fast and thorough response please.... I NEED a step by step post on how to make a california legal ak-47. I absolutely need to make a 20 minute presentation on how to make a california legal ak-47. I need an at least 20 slide presentation on the subject, any help is greatly appreciated. hopefully you can come through for me on this topic. I need everything from nomenclature of ak-47, rates of fire, components needed for the conversion, all pertinent info on the round fired(7.62) and basically anything ak-47 related. I greatly appreciate any and all that respond to this cry for help, it will help me advance in my career(training to become firearms instructor) thank you everyone, please as much feedback as possible. Thanks again-Tony

wow. tony. how bout using the internet to find this info.

you don't seem to be too motivated to be, of all things, a firearms instructor.

if you were a true gun nut, you would've known the answers to your questions by 9th grade.

i recommend a mini 30.


you can easily google that. and google how to make a california legal ak, an illegal machine gun.

google is your friend. use it.

also wiki could provide much info.

jesus h