Need Help With Doctrine

Mr Blauer,

My unit is in the process of forming a hand to hand program and I am in the forefront of obtaining one of the instructor slots. My unit commander is wanting all of us that are in the running to obtain one of the slots to submit a sample doctrine on what we would teach if the position becomes ours.

My question is not one on what techniques should be included, but instead what mental aspects (killer instinct, reading different body postures, situational awareness, etc)should I include. All of the prospective instructors are capable fighters and teachers, but they are focusing on technique only. I want to show the commander that some of us are thinking on a more complete level.

BTW I work with one of the infantry units within the 82nd Airborne Division. Thanks for your time.

I wrote an article on mind set for special forces. I can email it to you.

ALso, I am doing a lot more stuff for tyhe military, I will be at Bragg in November if anyone wants a meeting etc.perhaps we can link up.


Thanks for the offer on the SF article. My email is
Getting together in Nov. sounds like possible thing. I have to check out our training calender and make sure we aren't going to the field at that time though.


Please email my office some details about your unit, contacts etc. I do not release certain documents out without some sort of 'background' verification.

Especially SF oriented material. Its not that the info on this article is TS, it's just a protocol. I'm sure you respect & understand this.

Email I am out of town, my office will forward this to me in the next day or two.



I understand completely. I sent your office an email this afternoon. Hope to hear from you soon.