Need help with new Morrowind GOTY

hey gamers, new to GamersGround and especially new to RPG's,I just got "The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind GOTY"edition which includes "Tribunal & Bloodmoon" expansion packs.It seems everything downloaded ok but,I can't get either Tribunal or Bloodmoon to play,do I need to unlock anything,,files?ect.,,or do I need to finish Morrowind up to a point or something,,,I'm lost here help needed & much appriciated,BTW I'm running a P4 2.8 gig.with 1 Gig 0f RAM and a GeForce FX 5600 video card......Thanks Gamers,(been lurking here awhile,,really dig this forum) Max

First, do you know that you've "activated" them? At the Morrowind title screen (the first one) you need to click on "data files" and select the "tribunal.esm" and "bloodmoon.esm" files.

Tribunal starts after you rest, sometimes you need to rest a few times, some guy will wake you up and attack you. After he's dead, take his armor, it's good.

Bloodmoon starts when you go to Solthsteim, you can get there by boat from a bunch of places.

You can start them at any time, but they're intended for higher-level players, so you should probably do some normal Morrowing first.

Hey Yougottawanna, Thanks for the info,,,I'm playing Morrowind now to get some experience (for fun too),I just wanted to make sure every thing was ok,,like I say I am new to RPG's,Iv'ed played mostly FPS's before (big Half-Life & Max Payne fan),,,thanks again,,,,,,,,Max