Need Help With Standup

Hi guys,

I'm 20 years old and just started doing MMA two weeks ago. I need to improve my standup as soon as possible. We're going to use kicks and knees and elbows ofcourse but I want to work on my handskills first.

We train thrice a week with about 30 minutes on the heavybag/rounds/sparring and the rest on groundwork and takedows.

I bought a century wavemaster for my room since I cant find a place to hang a regular bag.

My questions are:

1. What aspects should I first work on? Technique? Handspeed? Power? Combinations? Defence?

2. To get used to being in a fight, we have boxing matches for 3 rounds, 3 minutes. I've had two of them and I still close my eyes at times, especially in a close flurry. How do I change that?

3. How long does it generally take to get proficient, putting in about 2 hours a day?

4. If any of you guys are trainers or competing or just good at boxing, I'd appreciate it if you could outline maybe a two month training schedule for me.

thank you


Do you have a coach? Boxing is something that really can't be learned without a good coach. The more I train and learn under my coach, the more I realize that.

1. FIND A competent boxing trainer, you certainly have holes in your technique that a truck will roll through at this point. Online is NOT the place to close these holes.

2. DO NOT SPAR YET. you have NO BUSINESS sparring this early without good supervision, sparring early without a good guy to watch is like hitting a heavy bag. VERY easy to reinforce bad habits and develop new ones. There are drill you can do and the trainer I suggested in the answer to 1. will show them to you.

3. Depends a WHOLE lot on whether you get a competent trainer and your natural aptitude. An average person who is highly motivated will be ready for the ring (amatuer boxing) in 6 months to a year. If you plan on using boxing for a MMA type arena my advice is to get some amatuer boxing/kickboxing matches to gain confidence standing BEFORE you fight MMA.

4.I cant really help you online, you need a good trainer in person to help you. If you look you will surely find one and even if it means driving a few hours to get to one do so, it will be worth it. If you were more experienced you could be directed more easily, but being brand new you REALLY need a trainer for at least 6 months.

Assuming you go and listen to everyone else here and
get a trainer, work on whatever it is the trainer is
telling you. If there's one thing that you can't do
enough of, it's shadow box. More than bags, more than
sparring, shadowboxing is the single best tool for
making you into a competent striker. That being said,
make sure you're doing it right. Doing it wrong just
makes you get worse faster.