Need Help with your Game?

As some may know, I'm pretty knowledgable about the golf swing and, as I read alot, I'm pretty up to date on all the new gear coming out.

We can use this thread as a one-stop shop for all of your 2008 golf needs.

I'm sure Animal Chin can help out too.

(AC, I will cut you 10% no matter how I place, 15% on big wins...I'll work you in to at least 25% of commercials as well)

that's a hell of a lot better than most caddies get.  it's usually 4-7-11 unless you're the man and you can demand more.

i can be the official club tester because i'm able the get my hands on just about every new club that comes out.  today i hit the new tour edge exotics driver.  that's a bad bitch.

Speaking of help with my game, I just made a bunch of progress in my last lesson.

In the past, I had been starting my takeaway with my arms and laying off hard.

He had me make an upper body turn, stop (with my upper body facing 180 deg away from the target). Only at this point did he have me raise my arms.

He then had me smash back down into an impat bag that was directly behind me.

The goal he said should be-
1) Turn upper body away from ball.
2) Raise Arms
3) Smash arms straight down while making the turn back to and through the ball.

I think that this drill is really working for me, as it is killing the casting that AC was referring to. It also has me keeping my arms in front of me.

^Just be careful that you don't start rotating your hips too early.

Hips really shouldn't start turning until your at least halfway back.

I'm actually trying to restrict the hell out of my hip turn right now while making a big shoulder turn.

I do this by never letting my weight get to the outside of my right foot.

I'm doing this to eliminate any "hip slide." As you know, it is a power killer.

^Feel like you're keeping your weight on the instep of your right foot.

A good drill to work on initiating your swing from the ground up would be to put a tennis ball against the inside of your back foot and your first move down should be your back foot "nudging" the ball towards your front foot.

the tennis ball is a really good drill for that.

and make sure you're not collapsing at the top.  remember, when the shoulders stop so shoud the hands.