Need Help....

Guys there was a thread a while back about Marcello Garcia's no-gi DVD series. I was hoping someone here would know where to locate the set.

Thanks for your help.



John, I'm getting them for xmas. Your more than welcome to borrow them

It's fantastic John, you'll love it.


If Rallo starts moving around the mats like Garcia does......damn a lot of people are gonna be in some SERIOUS trouble! lol I'm not training w/ him anymore!!!!


you better hope they arrive before tomorrow :)

Uh oh...that sounds like a challenge! The "BAD ASS" is gonna lay a smack down on Rallo! ;) lol

I feel sorry for anyone trying to lay a smack down on Rallo.

I think he's already trying to back out...something about not getting a chance to watch his dvd's yet...haha

I would too, NORMALLY, but Big Perm IS a BAD ASS! ;) LOL! Besides, they both know that I am just kidding! They are both what I aspire to be! :)By the way, how is life MDSUB? How is training going?

john "the mad scientist" rallo started to develop a hunch in his back from ducking me all night....hahaha

what's up ron? hope everything is going well for you...

I'm good Ron. Getting my ass beat by Julius on a regular basis, but that's nothing new. Hope your doing well, get back to the east coast soon.

BTW I KNOW what a bad ass Big Perm is, Rob & Rallo are 2 guys I wouldnt want too piss off.

Ground Troll, give me a call

Thanks Rob and Bob! :) lol

Life is good. Just got done with school for the semester and now working hard through the Christmas season at UPS! :(

"Rob & Rallo are 2 guys I wouldnt want too piss off."

VERY true, but they are also two of the coolest and most down to earth guys that I have ever met. They both treated me with nothing but respect and made me feel very welcome to train with them. Ok, enough ass kissing, but I meant it! ;) lol

Sorry I didn't see this earlier.

Big Perm I haven't been up there because I didn't want to have you tapping around the holidays. I want to keep your spirits up.

ttt for the Perm-meister