Need help

Boxing experts. There was a fight around 98 maybe where a guy was fighting and he just stopped, turned around and started walking to the corner. He quit in the middle of the fight and started crying. What fight was this, for some reason I cannot remember.

Thanks in advance.

damn i know what your talking about but i cant remember who it was

i remember them saying that he had a nervous breakdown in the ring

That is it Andujar. I just cannot remember who it was.

Golotta wasn't this fight.

Nah it wasn't Golotta. Not the fight I am thinking about. It was two brotha's. This guy had a nervous breakdown and turned his back on his opponent and just started crying.


I remember it was Oliver McCall. He was fighting Lennox Lewis, I believe.

Wasn't it Lennox Lewis vs. Oliver McCall?

It was McCall vs. Lewis.

I had a run of bad pay per views back then. I bought the Tyson v. Holyfield ear biting incident and I also bought that fight. After that I stopped buying Boxing Pay Per Views.

Was it Ishe?