Need html help

need some help guys,

how would I go about making different hyperlink colors on the same page?

many thanks.

the oldschool way was to set the colours up in the body tag.

[BODY TEXT="white" LINK="red" VLINK="yellow" ALINK="green" BGCOLOR="black"]

Newschool way is to use CSS, can be put inline, in the head of the document, or linked (best way usually)

Font tag is also now deprecated.

Single link:

<a href="" style="color: red;">Link Label</a>

Link to Google

Multiple links and/or various styles

<style type="text/css">

  a.mylink:link {

    color: red;


  a.mylink:visited {

    color: green;



    color: black


  a.mylink:hover {

    color: white;

    text-decoration: none;

    background-color: red;



<a href="" class="mylink">Link Label</a>

My Link to Google

My Link to Yahoo

To change all links, remove the class selector ".mylink" from the style block. To have multiple styles of links, use the styles above mutliple times with different classes. View a tutorial for more info

here is a quick tutorial but if you google "css tutorial" you will get a whole lot more

cool stuff, truewrestler!!

thanks guys!