Need human perspective on this video

You should go back some time. You can get there fast and then you can take it slow.


Good work ethic (regardless of IQ) is hard to come by. Respect…


My cousin has worked for Safeway since he was 15, he’s 62. He makes bank he’s management now though. Much of my family worked in the grocery/retail business for decades and did quite well.

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They’re a different breed.

My dad started working for a company in Toronto when he arrived in Canada from Italy in 1922 at the age of 15. He retired in 1969 (47 years) and received an inscribed loving cup, a transistor radio, and 47 silver dollars after only missing 1 day of work due to having all of hjis teeth pulled and dentures installed when he was 52.

He passed away a year later and his funeral looked like one you’d see in a mafia movie, hundreds of cars, though he was straight as an arrow.


Mentally hes 16? 16 year olds arent very dumb compared to adults. They may lack maturity but basically have the intellect of an adult.

This. When the wife is shopping she always looks for them. They take pride in what they do and don’t fuck up your tomatoes by crushing them.

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