Need Hwt/California show Sept. 9th

Heavyweight fighter needed for the "Malice at the Cow Palace" in San Francisco, CA on September 9th.

Opponent: Jon Murphy. 5-0 amateur mma
240 lbs. Former collegiate football player

Fighter would need to be liscenced by the California State Athletic Commission. This requires HIV, Hep B, Hep C blood tests. A physical, eye exam (not opthomology), and a neurological exam ($100-150)

Please contact Jeff Cairnes (promoter) if interested:
650 355 4327



Brian are you ready?

....To Buy me dinner? lol

Brian I got your guy he is ready to go Kane 0-0 pro give me a ring

sweet get kane on the card

seeing Cain's pro debut would be worth the price of admission itself


My guy is a bad matchup for Puder, and Kane is a monster laying in wait. I'd like to see his debut as well, before letting him at anyone I train. I hear he's going to be a champ someday. and sooner than later is the concensus.


Definitely ready... Would you expect anything less (than dinner)??? I mean, lunch would be fabulous, especially after the long night of spooning we'll surely share.

And before you guys get the wrong idea, Shannon and I will be spooning the same woman (i get the backside), as we are "old school pimpin", ala shonie "my favorite fighter" carter.

I must thank Shannon and Shonie both for showing me the way. Shonie laid the path (of laying pipe) down for me as a young 20 yr. old. Shannon followed up strongly a few years later in Mexico, and I've been on a roll ever since. Can't wait to share my San Fran Sloppy Seconds with the Cannon. One thing about that Cannon, always good for a Bang!!!


I'll drink a few six packs and take the fight.

I'd love to have you out Aaron. Corner man ticket included, just for you. Special offer, for a special alumnus.

ttt good luck with the San Fran show.

Talk to dan black about Terrol Dees.