Need info on kickbxing sweeps

Dont forget the 8 kick per round rule!

A guy from my gym fought in a Full Contact Kickboxing match (we are thai boxers) and he just worked his boxing as counters to his opponents kicking. He lost 3 out of 5 rounds!

The fight went the distance and the guy from my gym swept the floor with his opponent but lost due to the fact that for 3 of the 5 rounds he threw les than 8 kicks.

It was most uncivil!



I believe you can sweep with your lead leg only and can sweep your opponents lead from the inside out.

Not 100% sure. Hey, your in Kickboxing now... don't you know they make up the rules right before the fight :)

You think I'm joking but just wait..LOL.

Good luck

Yeah, doing my first and probably last kickboxing figth in the same night LOL. I hope that you are kidding. I figure to just pressure him with boxing and not even worry about getting my kicks off and that way he wont be able to either. Therefor we both lose the one point.

I had heard that is how I can sweep. Just wondering what I can expect and how it might come off.

I am looking for info on the proper and legal way in which one can sweep the leg in fullcontact (amercican rules) kickboxing. The type of kickboxing where you can only strike normal boxing targets. I was told that you can sweep the leg by striking boot to boot to the front leg. Anyone know anything about this. I am fighting my first pro kickboxing match in two weeks and I don't kickbox :). As any of you who know my name I am a thai fighter and NHB fighter. This is all new to me. Any help would be great. Thanks.


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Yes Rory. That's true. I just finished watchng ESPN 2 kickboxing (HOW COME NO ONE HERE POSTED IT HERE??!!) I came across it by accident. It was the same rules you'll be fighting with. If I had taped it I coulda sent it to you. I tuned in 1/2 way through.

You must throw 8 kicks per round minimum. This rule was introduced to stop people from making it a 'boxing match'. Which is what happened when it first started. So you might have to abandon that strategy. Or you could get your 8 kicks done real quick in the first 30 secs of the round then go back to boxing. I know some guys used to do this.

As for the sweeps, my memory fails me on that one. I do remember you can do boot to boot sweeps, to the lead leg. I also "think" (don't quote me) you can use your rear leg to sweep his lead leg boot, (as long as it's not a 'spinning' sweep). i.e. like a rear leg roundhouse but to his lead 'boot' (does that make sense?)

I was already aware of the 8 kicks per round rule. Not one that I am too worried about because I probably wont throw them all every round. I am just going to try and pressure him with good hands and stay close so that he can't throw his kicks either. That way we both lose the points and I win the round with superior hands.

As for the sweeps I know that I can go boot to boot with the front leg but I don't think that I can use the rear leg. Not sure either Dtira (did I spell that right?). Thanks for the help though.


Why are you posting your fight strategy on a public forum? Sure, it might not matter, but then again...

LOL. Dhira (DH = "T")
After testing my cardio like you did, shame on you forgetting like that :-)


Fight strategies are always changing. Why would someone post theirs on a public forum. He must be a moron for doing so :).


I am a supreme jackass LOL.