This just happened and Im wondering 1. WHat happened and 2. Should I go to the hospital

my hip has been feeling weird when I kick lately. THen today Im stretching my leg on the rope and I get this blinding pain in it.

It really felt like it got pulled out of the socket for a second. Now the side of my hip clicks and pops when I walk and it hurts to rotate it or move to much side to side. I can still walk though and bounce on it.

My question is, what the fuck happened and should I go to the hopsital to get it checked out?

I had a similar injury, i did not go to the doc tho, I just rested about a week, and then started doing alot of bodywieght squats and lunges as well as side lunges.

It has been ok since then altho sometimes if i kick alot it will get alittle sore and click but not nearly as bad as it used to.

i get a similar injury

mine feels like it pops out-- so i have to stay off it for a couple of days and take some ibprofuen(sp)

so its nothing like a dislocation right? Nothing I need to immediately seek medical attention for?

I dont think it is, figured if it was Id be on the ground in pain, I just want to make sure.

mustang has just lunged as well as side lunged the correct.

I plan on it, just dont have time till next week to actually spend a couple hourse doing nothing.

its happend to me 2 times-- if it happens again i will go see a doctor for sure

i had the same thing happen about 7 years ago during football season...turns out i had actually fractured my hip...started out as a hip pointer but soon, the muscle pulled away from my bone, breaking off a pretty big piece of it...needless to say, it hurt like hell...definetly go get that checked out especially if it is popping and cracks...not good signs