Need insight/advice on Investing

I began dabbling in stocks earlier this year when the Gamestop and other meme stocks got hyped up. As you’ll see, I still have 1 Gamestop share I bought at freaking $327 which is at a loss right now. Also have some Nokia and Blackberry I don’t know shit about so I’m just holding.

I recently bought a few shares of Apple, AMD, and Nvidia. Now I have about 3k sitting in my cash account that I want to put somewhere. I wanted some advice on potential places to put it. Should I stick to some kinda fund like VOO or SPY? I thought about maybe some more Apple or getting into Microsoft.

I just feel I started investing a little late. I hit 29 in a couple weeks and look at the history of these stocks and regret not getting in sooner so now I just want to put some money somewhere and let it sit. So long term gains would be my goal.

Here is my current porfolio:

Oh also I did make a nice little profit from the meme stocks. I got 50 shares of AMC at around $12 and was able to sell them off at $50.

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TTT for experts

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I appreciate it Damien. I think I’ll try Reddit haha.

if u dont know what u are doing then just buy an etf. otherwise, its wise to spend a little time and read some books.
anthony robbins has a good book, Money- master the game.
ive been investing in shares for almost 25 years now. as the saying goes, its time in the market, not timing the market. its a long grind

Read The Bogleheads Guide to Investing, it’ll clearly explain everything for you.

In short: stop buying individual stocks, and start buying index funds to get the market average. In the long term you’ll do better investing in VOO or SPY than if you tried buying individual stocks


The more time you spend on it the better you will get. Don’t try to trade, and don’t buy stuff that’s hyped up. Not until you are confidant in what you’re doing and know the risks of buying stuff like GME and AMC. I don’t touch them, but I could knowing that I’d probably lose, and still be fine because I have a good grasp on what I’m doing overall. Crypto is risky, there’s no fundamentals to base valuation on. Learn from guys like Warren Buffett, Charlie munger, Peter Lynch.
Once you’re comfortable with proper long term investing, then start taking on the riskier small cap stocks.
Learn fundamentals, how to read balance sheets, 10q reports, listen to some boring conference calls. Learn how to read the numbers and it really does get pretty simple from there.
There’s a lot of good content on YouTube, some YouTubers are actually pretty helpful, but there’s a lot of people pushing hype as well. Takes a bit of time to filter out the useless ones. Also some good documentaries and old speeches by some big names in the investing world.
Start a watchlist, keep an eye on the markets movements and patterns, the longer you’re watching the more you get used to the price fluctuations.
But most importantly, don’t let anyone tell you what to invest in, be confidant in you’re own decisions. And never, ever in any circumstances listen to random people in chat rooms and forums.

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I’m in a crypto that is going to have a supply squeeze of sorts. The exchange only has 3.6% of the total supply remaining and has a heavy burn rate. When simulating buying down the remaining tokens, the price skyrockets when it is less than 1/2% of remaining tokens.

We also have a NFT marketplace that does buybacks of the token with a percentage of proceeds and a heavy reflection rate also.

The token is HODL FLC ERC20. It’s not the BNB HODL. You can see the website at

Gonna check this book out in the morning thanks! I put an order for 5 shares of VOO to start it up in the morning.

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Buy high, sell low

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Buy unreliable, highly depreciated vehicles and then sell them at an extreme loss when they are broken.

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Are you maxing your 401k and ROTH IRA every year?

Im not an expert but I believe that is the first thing to start doing.

Read payback time by Phil Town. It’s main focus is value investing, good read.

I’m an amateur. I just invest in index funds and sit on it. It’s been working fine, no huge gains like real estate but no losing your ass either

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Just buy QQQ with every paycheck.