Need IT help with stalker!!

Was hoping you guys that are good with computers and ISP's and all that stuff can help me out with a situation.

My family member is basically being stalked and harrassed. She is recieving hateful mail that is anonymous and in that person's handwriting that matches other signed letters.

So today, she found that the person is going to website forums,blogs, and places like and posting stuff like she is my family member posting harmful things.

What I need to know if there is anyway to prove it is this person. Can you check ISP's on blogs and websites of people who post?

Any help would be appreciated.

Send Shaq after him

we contacted one of the websites and they looked it up and have all the information for us...just need a subpoena to give it to us.

Dont think the police will help at this point.

Thanks guys for the help.

If it's serious, you need to get the police involved. Yes the websites have the information however as you found out they wont readily give up the information. Get the police involved, document everything you find (date, times, locations, save the online stuff, save the mail, etc) take it all to the police. If you have contacted websites, contact them, tell them you're getting the police involved, but ask that they save those records until the police request them...basically make sure they don't purge their logs.

Yeah, there might be more you can do, however you have to go about it legally and that involves the police

talk to the post office if she's receiving snail mail. that's a fed crime.

yes. make sure that you copy and paste all that is being written by "her." it'll be printed out and shown to the person and jury during the court case.

i bet she knows who is doing this. there are only so many people that would know that information.

create a trap. go on those boards and post as another person to get them to reveal some more information that only certain people would know.

it's pretty easy.