Need Joe Son gif

Does anyone have the gif of Joe Son getting his balls smashed on?

Not? Did you really just use the 1990's "not" response?

Well played.

made this one myself LOL

^^^Please do, another angle would be great. LOL


Waterbottle I don't believe this is another angle...

Posted it at the same time. Still niiiice!

"can someone please explain how to make those gifs ? ? ?"

You will need a GIF program in order to cut out small clips from a video.


Seriously, what ever happened to that guy?

lol never stops being funny

I've been wondering for years, wtf was up with that fight? The thong, the mystery tap out... anyone know?

Keith Hackney had it on his website with the title, the good old days.

That still hurts to watch.  Fear the Kenpo.


So is JoSon dead or what?

"getting ur nuts pulverised then getting rapechoked is no mystery to me"

watch the clip. The OTHER fight, not the Hackney one.

Looks to me like he was fighting while x'ing his balls(or what's left of them) off. Alot of drug addicts grasp on to born again christianity, which is what both Kimo and Joe Son were doing in the early UFC's. The rate of recidivism is well over 90% for reformed addicts/alcoholics.