Need legal/dental equipment advice

Ok, this may seem like a ridiculous post but it is going to save me money if it works.

Here goes...I have an EMA (anti-snoring) device.

The particular one that I use has the little rubber bands that attach to the bottom in the top to push my jaw forward which opens up my airway.  These bands wear out over time and I have to get new ones which my dentist office charges $10 a pair for.  After some searching online I found a company that sells direct for significantly less in bulk.  The issue is they only sell direct to dentist offices because they are "prescribed."  I was able to make it all the way to the page where I pay and then it backed me out and asked for my business name.  I put in a fake business name and it took it and it was ready to let me pay.  But then I stopped and wondered how much trouble I could get in for this.  Hence...this post. 

The company is in Australia and I seriously doubt they even will look up and see if it's a legitimate dentist office.  They are just little rubber band type things.

  How much trouble could I get in if I do this?