Need mechanical advice on a 98 BMW with the M44...

Engine. A friend of mine is doing a motor swap and finding it exceedingly difficult to find a diagram detailing the vacuum system for this engine. He has a manual but says it doesn't cover this aspect of the install. Anyone know of any free online resources I could recommend. Guy is fairly knowledgeable just having problems because of the type of engine. Apparently it's a bastard. Phone Post 3.0

Not seeing on OG so ttt'ing to make more visible. Phone Post 3.0

Never mind found some info on another forum. Let it sink. Phone Post 3.0

Remember, the prick is on the INSIDE.

Lol. This guy isn't the typical BMW owner. Plays guitar in a metal band, works at junkyard, and parties like he's still high school. Fucking leftover from the 80's punk scene. Phone Post 3.0

LOL no worries. I mostly wanted to make a yuppie joke. Loved the (now dead) Z4.