Need mma ticket stubs from events.

My scrap book is coming together very nice and I always want to add more ticket stubs...

If any of you guys have a ticket stub, (no matter how big or small the event) I will gladly take them...

Thats is all....

My normal ticket stub thread is done for this month!

Happy New Yearz!


ttt's are appreciated

Arias, I will bring something back from Biloxi, Mississippi for ya, if I get snockered enough to get on the plane in the first place......

sheesh & holy cow.............

thanx GB and Momita..

Momita you on a plane???

Go for it!!!

Bring Zanex!

Zanex? Will it knock me out for 4 hrs? Do they have achohol on the plane? It wouldn't take much, 2 wine coolers make me giggle uncontrollably, sheesh.

Nah it wont knock you out...

Alcohol, yes but depending on what airline...

You'll be fine!

4 hours on a plane in nothing!


ok now back to stubs...?


from tonights Lytle/Spratt show??

Arias email me at my account.

I dont think I can send..

I'm a mudnamer...

You can send mail to my account though..



i got a couple from extreme challenges i think, and i may have one from a UFC here in iowa.

email me warfrog..


arias, i will e-mail you tonight or later this week. i found two stubs, one for extreme challenge 46 which was 2/26/02, the hvwght tourney. and i found one for the extreme challenge on 9/13/03 in iowa city which has a picture of jason black and ben uker on it. i cant find the 2 iowa UFC stubs yet.

lol keep looking!!! jk



i got KOTC, UFC and KK ticket stubs. I also got a pick of Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie shaking hands and a pick of Don Frye, Royce, Ken, Tank, Coleman, Kerr, and a few others all in a picture together if you want em.

email me:

emailing u now!