Need mma training gear!!!

I need to purchase mma training gear for my school. Which companies have the best customer service?

Who has the best whole sale prices, ect?
Which ones have you had bad experiences with and I should avoid.

I am particually interested in getting feedback from individuals who have business/wholesale accounts with various mma/muay thai/ suppliers. Thanks in advance.


combat sports international makes great products at great prices (I used to work in a fight shop)

thanks jjfighterdotcom


Any other suggestions of some good companies? Who has quality equipment? Or at least which companies I should avoid?


combat sports

i live in NC also and always get my order in about 3 days

i got these from title boxing  only $15

thanks guys. any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Century has a good wholesale program but there products aren't that great (IMO) for MMA training. Combat Sports International got us some decent deals but we had to haggle with them a little.

Did you haggle for a single large order? eg.- I will buy 15 Thai pads if you cut me a deal. or did you haggle a long term continuous order?