Need MOD help please

My posting privileges were temporarily suspended a couple of days ago, and I honestly have no idea why. I went back and reviewed my posts and the only one that I can find that may have been even close to borderline, was in the Shayna Baysler blog thread...and all I posted was "I've never heard of her, and it looks like I wasn't missing anything. For someone that speaks about being humble, she comes off like an egomaniac."

Would a MOD mind sending me a PM and explaining what rule I apparently broke? Thanks in advance.

You were frozen... When you get voted down a certain number of times, you get frozen from posting for 24 hours.

You made a post that people didn't like I guess.


Do you plan on making this same thread when you are unfrozen again? Phone Post

Mod log says you were frozen for fighter bashing Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke. I didn't see the posts so I can't comment further than that.

You were frozen for claiming to wild each it, when it's pretty obvious that you don't, poser Phone Post 3.0