Need motivation; have shitload of things to do today

Had a metric fuckton of things I wanted to get done today, and usually I’m pretty good with getting up and starting my day, but today I’m sitting here, nursing a cup of coffee and browsing the OG.

Need some motivation so tell me to get off my lazy ass and get shit done in only the tough-love way the OG can.

And, go!


Jesus you really got offended by the idiot sandwich GIF huh

All you have to do is stop being a pussy, and the things will get done!

get angry with yourself and work yourself up by saying “stop being such a fucking lazy cunt! get to fucking work now!”

I have like nothing to do today … feels so good.

Take a nap, when you get up you’ll be motivated… especially after you crack a beer.

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Remember, only losers procrastinate. Now get going and be as productive as possible so you don’t end up like the homeless bum complaining he has to live in his car.

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Picture Jocko Willinck in your face shouting “DON’T THINK, JUST DO!!!”

“My Boss arrived at work in a brand new Ferrari.

I told him: “Wow that’s a nice car”.

He replied:

“If you work hard, put all your hours in, and strive for ‘‘Excellence’’, I’ll get another one next year”.”


Get going, or we’ll start calling you Bidenvoter.

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true grit GIF

That stuff probably isn’t that important. Just relax, and have an easy day. You’d probably just fuck all that stuff up anyways, so you’d actually be doing yourself more of a service by screwing around all day.

Were we supposed to stop calling him that?

grinding 24/7 GIF by GaryVee

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I’ve gotten everything I’ve ever wanted by just working hard.

Oh shit. Crawler might suck a mean cock, but he ain’t no damn dirty lib.

You owe me $0.07 for the use of, “metric fuckton”.

Get up and do one tiny thing.

Then, find another tiny thing.

Eat it with small bites


There is the kaizen method and what I’ve taken from that is similar to what OS wrote.

Start doing a little, then do a little more, etc. Is the power of momentum. You just have to get started and do a little and then it will fuel ongoing efforts.

This is always my go to when I need motivation.