Need motivation; have shitload of things to do today

Went out and banged out a ton of shit outside shortly after this post so missed the rest of the posts.

Thanks to all for the motivation. Keep the posts coming as it might help other lazy fucks today.

Damn right!!!


This is fantastic.
After more than a decade, at the end of 2019, I left a company to go on my own. My ex boss was a jackass that kept losing all the money I made his company so this doesn’t exactly apply to me but reminds me that I never want a boss again.

That’s the truth.

They took our production bonuses away and are giving us $500 bucks at Christmas (which will work out to about 260 after they call it a bonus). However the 5 guys in the position above me still get a production bonus. That meeting is how I ended up on third shift.