Need Muay Thai/BJJ in Houston?

I have heard that Mike Altman's gym is now closed as well as Saul Soliz's gym. So where else can people go in the Houston area to learn Muay Thai or BJJ? The Revolution Dojo!!! The Revolution Dojo is one of the best gyms in the greater Houston area, the instructors are:

BJJ Head Instructor – “Crazy” Tim Credeur,
Rodrigo Mederios Brown belt and BJJ Revolution Team Instructor.
BJJ Assistant Instructor- Jeff Messina, BJJ Revolution Team Purple belt.
Muay Thai/ Thugjitsu MMA Instructor – Yves Edwards,
world reknown thai boxer and #1 ranked UFC lightweight.
Beg. Muay Thai Instructor – Anthony Johnson,
multiple championships in traditional martial arts as well as Muay Thai and MMA.

You have never done Muay Thai and/or BJJ but would like to learn? Anthony "AJ" Johnson runs a GREAT beginner muay-thai class and Tim Credeur/Jeff Messina have a wealth of BJJ knowledge they are just itching to share. For more information about this AWESOME gym go to