Need new fight shorts for Feb 21.

I'm looking to buy a new pair of shorts for my fight Feb 21. Anyone know a brand that may not be so mainstream, but is still good quality? Phone Post 3.0

Tapout brah. It's for guys who trane ufc. Phone Post 3.0

But in all seriousness I like shogun appaerals stuff, I dont know if yellowjacket is still around but they made cool gear. Phone Post 3.0

Punch Town

Oh, RDX too. But you can never go wrong with a good pair of boxer briefs.

I have a pair of RDX and they are good I've only trained in them though. Phone Post

If I had a pair I'd mail em to you, but I gave away my stash over the last few years to fighters in need.

Hook this man up UG Phone Post 3.0

Revgear has blank fight shorts that are good quality and inexpensive.

Homie has been fighting since 08,he knows what brands are out there.

What you did there,I see it.

Lol Crowbar if that would only work. I'm legit trying to find some to buy. Just really don't want to spend a ton on them. I don't mind paying just didn't want to pay the name brand up charge. Phone Post 3.0

High quality gear, run by good people Phone Post 3.0

Too bad couldn't find any old Hitman shorts Phone Post 3.0

Grips on sale at for $35. Torque are solid but affordable too.

KOphil25 - Too bad couldn't find any old Hitman shorts Phone Post 3.0
This Phone Post 3.0