need new point and shoot camera...thoughts?

nothing crazy, just a good camera that's fairly small...what say you, photography ground?

For cheap-as-can-be I just picked up a Panasonic Lumix FH-20 for a friend. Camera + 4GB card for $165.

For a really awesome camera that you'll keep for a long time, the Canon G11 for $450.

Couldn't help you for anything in between though.

thanks Cluster...I'll look into that G11...I love my Canon 10D...can't go wrong with Canon

10D, wow! I know a guy whose been shooting tens of thousands of shots with a G7 for at least 3 years, probably since it came out. Still works great and he's still entering art shows with the output. If you hung on to a 10D for all these years, you'll probably get similar use out of the G11.

I've got a canon ixus 95, it's got IS on it, but to be honest I'm disappointed with it. it's very noisy, the colour rendition is terrible and it struggles with low light. really I use it as a posh light meter for my archaic film cameras.

I'd check out the panasonic range, they seem really sharp, the colour is good even in low light.

Marv -- if you haven't bought a camera yet and are thinking about the G11, the G12 was just announced and should be out...probably in time for Christmas. I remember reading the release but can't think about why it's better than the G11 (1080p video and a new control dial I think is about it), but if you can wait, you might be able to pick that up when it comes out or take advantage of a potential price drop in the G11.

Then again, if you need a camera soon and want the G11, go for it. I don't think it would be worth it to miss several months' worth of shots just for the extra features they're announcing.

Better than G11, get a Canon S95. Just out.

fucking shit, nvm

"The Canon G12 is 2010's update to Canon's G series. The very big news is a tiny little front control dial.

Canon's G series has a cult following, but I'm not a member. I prefer the smaller and lighter Canon S95, which is the same thing as the G12, in a more compact package with a better lens and a bigger LCD for $100 less. The S95 has exactly the same sensor, photo, audio and video features and performance — with a better lens and LCD — for less money and with less than half the weight. People who love the G series love it, and they still buy them. God bless the free market system!

The G12 is, as is the S95, a fantastic camera for photographing anything that doesn't move. For landscape and nature photography, it replaces bulky DSLRs and extra lenses.

Two huge advantages over last year's G11 are a new front-control dial, and stereo sound. Of course, the S95 offers exactly the same things, and the S90 had the control dial last year.

The G12 also offers the new trick HDR mode copied from the S95. Select it among the SCN modes, and it just shoots, processes, and spits out your completed image."


Sportmaster - Better than G11, get a Canon S95. Just out.